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Trip itinerary

Day 1 / Arrival and accommodation

Welcome to the first day of your unique journey to the heart of Istria, the small medieval town of Svetvinčenat with a rich tourist and cultural offer. Upon your arrival, you will experience the charm of Svetvinčent, an Istrian gem and the symbol of the place itself - the Morosini-Grimani castle, one of the most important Venetian forts in Istria, and the Renaissance square "Placa".

The unlikeness and hospitality accommodation facility, Della Croce Bed & Breakfast, contributes to everything. A facility that has turned into a real pearl step by step from year to year, not far from the historic castle building, in which a lot of love for details, art and beautiful things has been invested.

After arrival and accommodation, dinner is planned in the very center of Svetvinčent, La Casa Mime's restaurant.

Day 2 / Kaštel Morosini Grimani and Pekici picnic area

You will spend this day in the pleasant company of the hosts of the castle Morosini - Grimani. A visit to the newly renovated castle will provide clients with a unique experience and a view of the exciting history of the place itself and the castle through the multimedia exhibition, an interactive journey through time through nine different multimedia contents, and your memories of this extraordinary experience will remain virtually sealed. After visiting the castle, a unique Escape Castle game follows, which, unlike classic "escape room" games, Escape Castle is played through the entire Morosini-Grimani castle. Thus, you will peek into unusual rooms such as armories and dungeons, and in order to discover the secret of the castle, you will go through 7 knightly trials - loyalty, bravery, faith, justice, caution, knowledge and devotion.

Now that you have learned something about the castle and the place itself, the road will take you not far from Svetvinčent to the Pekici picnic area, a family that has been dealing with lavender for many years, the flowers of which are used for various cosmetic preparations, souvenirs, as well as a specific addition to meals and drinks. Many years of experience and tradition in preparing local specialties will welcome you there. If you do not smell lavender, you will definitely taste it in specially prepared home-made dishes at any time of the year.

Day 3 / Matošević winery

It's time to leave Svetvinčenat and the surrounding area for a while and start the journey to the north of Istria. After breakfast, you have free time for a little more exploring until the afternoon when you go to the small place of Krunčići, where you will be welcomed by the owners of the Matošević winery, a family that says "Wine making is a dream with firm deadlines".

They embarked on an adventure to which they added a lot of love, and have been doing so for over 15 years, starting over every year. In order to refine their offer and give their visitors one more note, they designed the "Wine Cellar Escape".

But don't let the name surprise you, you won't want to run away from this wine cellar. You will collect objects, learn something about the history of winemaking, recognize the aromas of wine, of course taste it, and at the end, you will go home with a prize.

4th day / Quad safari

Today you will test yourself in the adrenaline field. After breakfast, you will get to know the charms of Istria in a unique and different way on a guided excursion through nature, through an adventurous Quad safari tour.

You will have the opportunity to go through narrow and exciting forest paths and cross the 45th parallel, which is considered halfway between the equator and the North Pole.

After the adrenaline experience, a rest is recommended to prepare for the experience that is in the very name of the program you have chosen for your trip, Wines and Games, that is, "Cheese and Wine Pairing", guided by a professional sommelier at the Morosini-Grimani castle.

Day 5 / House of the witch Mara and In Sylvis wine

After you have experienced the adrenaline with quads and top wines combined with domestic local products, something else awaits for you in Svetvinčent, the House of the Witch Mare. Yes, you read that right.

Through modern technologies (3D mapping, virtual and augmented reality), „witch“ Mare will welcome you and take you back to the distant past. The interactive book introduces you to the mythical creatures of Istria, and you can try your hand at a virtual archery and fencing battle to defend the Morosini-Grimani castle.

The evening hours are reserved for wine lovers and a visit to tasting room and the winery In Sylvis (lat. in the woods), the place of Sveti Petar u Šumi. Guided with love for wine, nature and the Istrian land, a hardworking family created a true oasis where you will find a break from modern life and rest for the soul.

Day 6 / Departure

It's the last day of your trip. After breakfast and free time, you travel home.

And we hope that you leave full of beautiful experiences, stories and that you have learned something.