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Info point 9: The top floor of the palace

Castle as a symbol of the place

Since its construction in the 13th century, the castle has been a symbol of Svetvinčenat, but it is also known as the best-preserved castle on the peninsula. Over the centuries, the castle had suffered many damages, the last one of which occurring during World War II when it was burned down for a second time. Since then, the castle had been abandoned, and its restoration and preservation were started in 2000, when the walls were restored, and the square tower was repaired. During the Revitas project, the tower and the balustrade were renovated, marking only the beginning followed by the castle palace renovation project as the most demanding construction project within KULTERRA. The palace now consists of five floors of a variety of content.

This project has certainly left a notable mark in the history of Svetvinčenat and will subsequently have a long-term impact on the tourist offer and the importance of the cultural heritage value.

Various possibilities of the castle

Apart from its historical heritage role, the Morosini-Grimani castle can also be used for organizing various events and festivities such as concerts, exhibitions, gatherings, congresses, and conferences, as well as other cultural, tourist and private events.

A dream wedding can take place in the wedding hall, and after the official part of the ceremony, an intimate gathering can be set up in the castle courtyard or in the enclosed part of it – the tasting room gallery located on the ground floor where the celebration can continue in a suitable manner.