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What are cookies and what do we use them for?

Cookies are small files that your browser saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. This allows the website to recognize your computer and link your visits to different pages of the website and possibly recognize you the next time you visit us. The cookies on our website are not aimed at spying on the user and do not follow everything the user does and are not malicious code or virus. Information such as your name or email address will not be saved - the website cannot access your personal information and files on your computer.

Cookies by source

a) First party cookies

First-party cookies come from the website you are viewing and can be permanent or temporary. With these cookies, the website can store data that will be used again on your next visit.

b) Third party cookies

Third-party cookies come from other websites or services and are placed on the website you are viewing. Using these cookies, other websites or services can track internet usage on the website you are viewing for marketing purposes.

Cookies by function

a) Necessary cookies

(always active) – these cookies are essential for the functioning of our website and cannot be deactivated. This applies, for example, to cookies that ensure that the configuration related to the site user (selected language, currency, acceptance of cookies, wish list, shopping cart, etc.) is maintained in all sessions. Additionally, these cookies or similar technologies contribute to the safe and correct use of our services. You can set your web browser to block these cookies or to receive notifications about these cookies, but in this case the website will not work properly and shopping in the online store will not be possible

b) Analytical cookies

(can be opted out or turned off) – allow logging of visits and traffic sources for the purpose of measuring and improving website performance

d) Marketing

(may not be accepted or excluded) – serve to track users through websites and display targeted ads

Cookies used on this website

This site uses essential, analytical and marketing cookies. You do not have to accept analytical and marketing cookies.

Manage cookies of this website

At the foot of this website there is a link "Configure cookies". At that link, you can always change your selection of cookies that you want to allow to be stored on your computer.

Removing cookies from the device

If you delete the browsing history from your browser, you will delete all stored cookies from your device. This way you can remove all cookies from all internet pages you have ever visited.

However, keep in mind that this way you can also lose some saved data (eg saved log-in data, personal page preferences, etc.).

Cookie management of individual pages

For better control over individual site cookies, check the cookie privacy settings in your main browser.

Cookie blocking

You can set most of today's browsers to block the placement of cookies on your device, but then you may have to manually adjust some personal preferences each time you visit a site. Also, some services and functionalities may not work well (eg login with a social network profile).