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Info point 7: The hallway (in front of the Interpretation Center)

Residential / administrative areas, leading the visitors to the top, providing brief information about what each floor was used for until they reach the top.

You are now at the heart of the castle, the part of the palace with the working and living spaces from which the estate was governed and where the captain, the governor of the estate, and his family lived. For an easier overview of the area, we will first climb to the highest floor of the edifice all the while describing the purpose of each floor. The 16th and 17th century reports tell us that administrative premises were located on the second floor of the palace and accessed via a drawbridge. They also mention an armory with numerous cold weapons and firearms, and the reception room.

The captain's apartment was on the third floor, and it included "a salon, a nice room, and an even nicer kitchen" as described in one of the 1613 reports.

The purpose of the palace’ attic is not mentioned in the descriptions.