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Code of conduct

  1. We ask every visitor to keep in mind when arriving that they are entering a cultural asset, and how they must behave in accordance with the preservation of a valuable historical building
  2. Any damage to cultural monuments is prohibited, including climbing on unauthorized parts, touching and independently trying on armor, and taking valuable artifacts outside their exhibition space
  3. For time of stay, movement and sightseeing visitors are obliged to follow the instructions which are written in the Morosini-Grimani castle
  4. In the Morosini-Grimani castle free movement of dogs and other pets is prohibited. The dog is also not allowed to enter the premises of the castle palace. Small dogs are allowed to enter while carrying the dog in your arms.
  5. Please respect our castle and other visitors who are in the castle at the same time as and you. Running, jumping and loud shouting spoil the experience of all visitors staying in the castle.
  6. In the area of ​​the multimedia exhibition, we ask for patience and understanding if it is crowded. Multimedia can handle a certain capacity of people at the same time, so it is necessary to wait for a while until it is your turn. The experience in the multimedia exhibition will certainly be better if there are fewer people inside.
  7. During the visit, children must be in the presence of their parents, and children are not allowed. independently leave the castle "for safekeeping" to the employees.

Contact us

Our friendly employees are ready to provide you with all the information at any time. You can find our contact information on the Contact page.