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Multimedia Exhibition

9 different multimedia contents

Get to know the exciting past of Svetvincenat through an interactive time travel, accompanied by those who have left the deepest trace in local history.

Through 9 different multimedia contents Experience the history of the castle through the eyes of the future, and your memories of this unusual experience remain virtually sealed!

3D MAPPING will introduce you to the history of the place and the castle. You will learn how the castle was built, why the fire broke out and who the terrible intruders were. Instead of imagining it, you will be able to faithfully follow the scenes on the mini model of the castle.

To begin with, the photo corner will introduce you to the witch Mare, and you will also be able to take pictures with Dogaressa Morosina or Doge Grimani.

Watch out! In order to finish the entire exhibition, you need to cross the fire that leads you to the famous legend about the unknown knight.

Try this ancient skill of „Trke na prstenac“ and try to collect as many points as possible.

Wonder what did the forging look like? Pick up the hammer and forge your own sword!

The Uskok Wars brought many worries to the residents of Svetvinčent. It's time to help us defend the castle from the Uskok attack!