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Kaštel Grimani - Morosini

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Morosini - Grimani Castle

Get to know the exciting past of Svetvincenat through an interactive time travel, accompanied by those who have left the deepest trace in local history.

Through 9 different multimedia contents Experience the history of the castle through the eyes of the future, and your memories of this unusual experience remain virtually sealed!

House of the witch Mare

House of the witch Mare is a visitor center dedicated to the various material and non-material cultural heritage in Svetvinčenat. It is conveyed through modern technologies: 3D mapping, virtual and augmented reality.

Mare the Witch will greet you and throw you back into the distant past.

Escape Castle

Unlike classic escape rooms, Escape Castle Svetvinčenat encompasses the whole Morosini-Grimani Castle area, all three towers, the dungeon, armory and throne. The players must go through all seven knight temptations: loyalty, bravery, faith, justice, caution, knowledge and persistence in order to unveil the secret of the castle.

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Comments from satisfied visitors

Josipa Budak

A wonderful place for a trip with kids. The multimedia hall is a hit, it briefly and concisely shows the history of the castle, and the interactive games (defending the city from invasion, forging your own sword and riding a horse) delighted the kids.

Kristijan Sekulić

An interesting and innovative presentation of the history of the old castle. For every recommendation to all families with children.

Sandra Miler

Beautifully decorated, excellently designed activities for children, friendly, interesting and patient animators...

Amra Mirojevic Hodzic

A very interesting experience. The staff is young and very friendly. I recommend especially to families with children. We will definitely do it again.

Ksenija Š.

Nicely restored castle and walls. The hosts are extremely kind and cordial. I recommend a visit to everyone, especially families with children.

Željka Čempuh

A beautifully restored castle, the museum is excellent. The interactive setup is very educational and interesting! Great recommendations to everyone.

Sanja Bulić Buršić

A great afternoon spent, very nicely designed and arranged, interesting for both adults and children!

Antonija Maričević

Exciting and educational experience! Very helpful and accessible staff! We definitely recommend it to everyone!

Nevena Tolanov

A tour of the castle, interpretation of heritage and interactive games are a treat for the curiosity and joy of the child in us adults. Kudos to the guides.

Nikolina Solić

Nice place, great museum! Interesting for both young and old.

Svjetlana Prenc

Everything is super tidy and clean. The staff is very friendly, even though they are young, they know their job, they are professional and fun at the same time. The content is fun and educational, well designed for both children and the elderly. A wonderful Sunday afternoon. Praise!

Gorana Gromača Grgić

Very interestingly designed, we spent a lot more time there than planned and it was phenomenal. Be sure to get a ticket that includes the escape.

Maja Stosic

Any recommendation for a visit, I would write something more, but we are totally exhausted from your puzzles in the escape room, which is another huge plus. The team that welcomed us are true knights, polite, kind, approachable and ready to help. Thank you from 💖 for the wonderful moments spent in your castle.

Maja Samardzija

Very educational and fun. The interactive part is particularly interesting for children. Employees for 5 🤗

Martina Dorotic

A great place to visit with children! We had a great time, and the staff was friendly and warm.

Valentina Zovic

Excellent museum situated in a medieval castle. It is very interesting and interactive. If you come with kids they will really enjoy it.

Snezana Zlatanovic Bojovic

To me, this is the most beautiful castle I've been to, and I've visited quite a few.

Take a man back to that era, and everyone feels like they're in a time machine👍

Bertl Seipel

Second time there. You experienced and enjoyed 4 hours with an excellent tour and virtual games (also in German), as well as the excellent location of the tavern! Idea and location 6⭐ This almost thousand-year-old castle has existed in this form for only 2 years. Highly recommended for families with children. Thanks to the excellent service and staff, we received a lot of valuable information and impressions. Also the origin of great beers and distilling spirits nearby. Every visitor to Istria must visit this place! Both culturally, historically and culinary.

Svetlana Sabo

Fantastic interpretation center, beautiful event. A lot of interactive content. It's interesting for the whole family. Everything is well done and worth seeing.