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House of the witch Mare

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3D mapping, virtual and augmented reality

House of the witch Mare is a visitor center dedicated to the various material and non-material cultural heritage in Svetvinčenat. It is conveyed through modern technologies: 3D mapping, virtual and augmented reality.

Mare the Witch will greet you and throw you back into the distant past. The visitors are welcome to try virtual archery and test their knight skills. You will experience Svetvinčenat in a unique manner with an augmented reality headset, partake in the quest for the unknown horseman’s armor and you will be able to peek into past.

The house was enhanced in 2020 with major new content adding the interactive book of mythical creatures of Istria and enhancing the virtual archery battle – in which you must uphold the Morosini-Grimani Castle – with virtual sword fighting. Apart from Mare’s portraits, there are also those of new people (and perhaps new creatures). Watch out! They might keep an eye on you as you progress through the Castle before finally capturing the mythical moment at the exit. Don't forget to take a break on the magical cubes in the yard. Maybe they also hide a secret?!

Important to know

Entrance to the House of the Witch Mara is possible only by booking an appointment at [email protected] or by sending a message on the Facebook page.

You can book your appointment at [email protected] or sending a message in the inbox of the facebook page.

Working hours of the House of the Witch Mare: Upon request

Ticket prices: 5,00 € per person, children below 7 yrs - free entrance

For the latest information regarding working hours and appointment reservations, follow our facebook page Morosini-Grimani Castle Svetvinčenat.