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Package arrangement "Wine and Games"

Great stories have the power to touch emotions and trigger wanderlust. Ours is told through aromas and history stitched into every step of the journey through Istria.

Arriving in Svetvinčenat, heart of this adventure, leads into a world hidden inside a small town where accommodation is provided in an inspiring B&B, tailored to fill you with energy for what follows.

The fairy tale begins with the exploration of the secrets of the Morosini Grimani castle and the legend of the witch Mare. It is an instant connection with the voices of the past that encourage you in further discovery.

The rhythm is raised by an adrenalin quad tour through the forest roads. The scents of lavender leads to Pekici. Explore the flavors through Istrian dinner. Journey continues through the cellars of Matošević and In Sylvis wineries. In order to relax in the tastings, a transfer is provided in both directions.

Become the main character of Istrian fairy tale.