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Info point 8: The top floor of the palace

Antique weapons collection Ferlin

The establishment and setup of the Ferlin weapons collection within the Morosini - Grimani castle was one of the main aims of the KulTERRA project, which is why several more pieces of the collection were obtained, and the Weapons Collection book you can leaf through here was printed.

It is a private weapons collection consisting of more than a hundred exhibits, mostly hunting and military rifles, and weapon loading accessories. The old weapons collection exhibition consists of about 160 pieces of firearm and cold weapons and its accessories dating from the 15th to the end of the 19th century. The showpieces were collected mostly in Istria, i.e., at the place of their origin, and they represent a valuable indicator of frequent political and social changes on the Istrian peninsula.

Venetian bombard

At the very beginning of this tour, you had the opportunity to see the oldest exhibit, the Venetian bombard from Svetvinčenat, the cannon predecessor from the early 15th century, that Italian experts Marco Morin and Carlo Beltrame presented in their book on Venetian cannons as the oldest known example of Venetian artillery.