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Hey! This is us. The team of employees at Savičenta d.o.o. - the municipal company that manages the Morosini-Grimani castle. Yes...we work in a real castle! Not everyone has such an opportunity in life, but here we are, we are the ones who can say it. Although this is already a daily routine for us and we often forget where we work, we always surprise others with our work positions. Only then did it actually dawn on us: "Oh really, we work in a castle!".

As you can see and read, we are all very different, but this does not hinder us in the harmony of our work duties, on the contrary! Each of us is ideal for our work position and because of this we can positively "criticize", advise and encourage each other in new challenges.

We are a young team and not yet mature enough because we have only been working in the castle for two years, since 2020 when the castle was actually renovated through the European Kulterra project. Until then, it was in a state of disrepair, but now it is a small machine that powers the place and has created up to 10 jobs. Great, right?

We are full of ideas and new content, and if you are at all interested in what we do, take a look at the rest of the page or simply visit us! We will be glad to meet you. :)


Witty and cheerful, emotional and good-hearted. Strong when needed. There is no stone she won't turn to make everything as she imagines.


Both serious and funny when needed. Firm and determined. She finds a solution to every problem.


Ingenious and creative, always smiling. Quiet but creative with a perfect eye for details and new interesting events in the castle.


Our inexhaustible source of creativity and fun. Mastermind for new events. On top of everything, great friend that will no matter what improve your every bad day.


Warm, cheerful, gentle and always smiling person. Hardworking and always ready to help.


An excellent animator. Humorous and fun, but responsible person to whom you would entrust everything.


A good soul with a big heart. Has the perfect eye that captures the best shots of the castle, and is also a master at writing messages with her beautiful handwriting.

Mr Gogi

Head of "Good Mood Deparment"