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Info point 14: Interpretation center

In the castle description of 1613, it is mentioned that there was a corridor on this floor leading to the weapons hall where arquebuses, muskets, halberds, drums, flags, etc. covered the walls. The gilded flag with the St. Mark’s coat of arms and Morosina and Marino Grimani’s coat of arms is worthy of special mention. The so-called reception room (mezzado dell’audienza) was accessed from the weapons room. The door leading back to the weapons room had a secondary door (antiporta) for additional security. 

Storage of the income

In this well-secured room, a large wooden walnut chest was kept for storing the proceeds of the merchant house and church fraternities along with the church silverware chests. Individual portraits of Morosina Morosini and Marino Grimani decorated the walls of the room. The yellow and turquoise battle flag with the mark of the owner's house is also worth mentioning.

These areas have been turned into an interpretation center you have to walk through before continuing your tour of the castle. Contact our staff to get your bracelet and enjoy interesting multimedia content!