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Morosini-Grimani Castle as the perfect location for a dreamy wedding.

The Morosini-Grimani castle once again showed its full splendor. In cooperation with the Lepor studio, which has been providing a complete wedding organization service since 2008, a fairy-tale wedding was designed and realized in the courtyard of the castle location, which is not seen every day. The idea was to show how much magic an autumn wedding can provide, and the idyllic autumn atmosphere was contributed by the colorful colors of nature - warm shades of red, green, yellow, and orange.

The entire courtyard of the castle has turned into a completely new and unseen backdrop, and all this was contributed by the location itself, and the fact that we are in one of the most beautiful castles in Croatia.

The idea was to present to the future newlyweds a possible vision and arrangement of the space so that they would know how to design their own arrangement of the space in advance.

Partners on a project:

  • Organization and concept: @leporweddings (Lepor weddings)
  • Design and flowers: @leporweddings (Lepor weddings)
  • Venue: @morosinigrimanicastle (Kaštel Morosini Grimani, Svetvinčenat)
  • Photo: @flickfactory (Flick Factory)
  • Lights: Panter-lighting (FB)
  • MUA: @helenasoljan (Helena Šoljan)
  • Cake: (Concettino)
  • Models: @enrika_veznaver, @geencko (Enrika Vežnaver, Stefan Vidović)