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Ceebration of the european wine knight order held in Svetvinčenat

On Saturday, October 9th, Svetvinčenat was the host of the European Wine Knights - Consulate of Croatia, which brings together over five thousand members from twenty-four European countries. The organizer of this Knights' Festival in Svetvinčenat is under the authority of the European Wine Knights, the Consulate of Croatia, the Legacy of the Croatian Littoral and Istria.

The participants gathered in ceremonial uniforms starting at 12:00 p.m. in the courtyard of the castle Morosini - Grimani, where they were welcomed by the host of Svetvinčenat, Mayor Dean Perković. A solemn procession through the center of Svetvinčenat with all the symbols and flags of the Consulate and the European Order of Knights, led by Marshall and their guests, took them to the reception and promotion ceremony (accreditation and enthronement) in the Church of “Navještenja Marijina”, led by Msgr. Ivan Milovan, bishop in peace.

The Order of Knights has its roots in the 15th century, when the great ruler Friedrich III of the Habsburg dynasty founded the military order of St. George of Carinthia in 1468, on the foundations of which the European Order of Knights rests today.

European wine knights are first and foremost knights of peace, and the Order of Knights operates in the promotion and nurturing of wine culture, glorification of noble wines, transmission of scientific knowledge about wine and wine culture, recognition of cultural and ethnic values, and advocating the beautiful, good and true. for ideal values, noble spirituality and chivalrous friendship.