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10 days of b-day in Morosini-Grimani Castle

Morosini-Grimani Castle in Svetvinčenat from 1-10. July celebrated its 1st birthday with many benefits. Rich program during the day and evening, promotional ticket prices, family day, medieval day, quiz night, movie night, Kampanjola beer, stand up and much more!

During these 10 days of birthday celebration, the courtyard of the Morosini-Grimani Castle transformed its face following the various contents that changed from day to day. During the day, Master Mario and his chest of crafts hung out with visitors, through which visitors had the opportunity to try various medieval activities such as repairing medieval devices, knitting a chain, making sponge swords, and making family flags and coats of arms. The daily program also included medieval chit-chats for all those who wanted to know more, and there was also a hidden Morosinas necklace whose invention brought prizes, games of Grimani's knights, witch Mare with her refreshing drink, all the way to numerous daily prizes and surprises.

The evening program was open to stand-up guests of the regional area: Martina Ipša and Aleksandar Perišić, while the youngest ones were most delighted by the movie night and the appropriate synchronized cartoon: "Wizard’s tale". The slightly older ones had the opportunity to try themselves in a pub quiz, cheese and wine pairing, and the bravest could watch the premiere performance of Istra Inspirit's "Night Ghost Stories: The Secret Diary of the Witch Mare", in collaboration with IRTA and the Vinistra Association, whose wines could be tasted as “bloody” wine tasting experience. The last day was also our big final day dedicated to families. While for daily visitors, family tickets were at special promotional prices, in the evening the first family games were held in the courtyard of the castle, and the winners were our first honorary family of the Castle who were given the key to the Castle for a year or until the next birthday. They also got a chance to compete again and defend their title. This family got many benefits such as free annual entrance to the castle and all events organized by the castle, as well as various other special features.

We would like to thank everyone who followed us all 10 days of the program, helped us in creating content, and our sponsors for the rich and valuable prizes.